Comment on Pipa Scaffolding Galvanis by primamu.

Dear Sir/Madam,
I will rent pipe scaffoldig to form working area. size: lenght x width x height (m) : 5 x 7 x 50m. I thing the post will be 12 pcs. every 4m there will be working level area and every level should be provided with ladder. toward outside of the box – on each are( front-rear-left-right) there are also working level area 1m width, lenght 5 and 7 m ( 4 sides) but removable at any time ( i.e from level 50 to level 47 etc.)according to requirement. 3 sets or at 3 levels. 3-4 people will work on every level at every area, starting from bottom or top.please haow much i need pipes, coupling horizontal platform etc. every levels should be with reeling for safety.

Please your quotation for erection / diserection and relocation of levels at any time required.
Duration of the rent : palembang area 1 month and west java also 1 month.
Thank you